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      Good evening !
      I am currently working on post production of an URBEX movie for Cinema class. The movie starts with a timelapse as an intro and i need a way to have the very begining of this timelapse inside my title text.
      Heres what I want: A black background with URBEX written in large in the middle of the frame, but i need to have the inside of the letters “transparent” to have the title over the timelapse.
      This would give me the title (black background, UrBEX in big with the timelapse playing inside the letters) that i want to have there for 2-3 seconds. And they i’d like to have the black background (so obviously the letters “around” the timelapse) fade away to start the movie with my timelapse.

      Is there anyway to do this with free editing softwares ? I worked with adobe premiere and i know its possible on there, As the editing in the movie is quite simple i’l be using WMM. And i also use the free version of lightworks if anyone knows how to do that on there. I think its possible with the mask blend effect, and i tried but without success.

      And feel free to ask questions, i’m not sure my explanation is very clear.

      Thanks for the help !

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      What you could is download GIMP and use that to make the block letters you need, then save them out as PNG image. This might help here –

      Go here to download GIMP –

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