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      Hey all! New to the site because I needed some advice.


      Does anyone recommend a service that will host my private video and only allow access to people with exclusive codes? Like, an unlimited amount of codes, so that I can send a different code to EACH viewer and it will only work on their IP address.


      I want to allow access to a video, but only to people who are donating on a crowdfunding website. So I will get their email and then send them a code. But I don't want them to be able to share the code like a Vimeo video. 



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      Our company works with a large university that puts its Continuing Education videos on Vimeo. Physicians who want to take the courses pay for a password which gives them access to the university's private channel on Vimeo. Seems like this would work for you.


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      Hi Brettlelam, a very easy way is YouTube. When uploading your video, make it 'private ' and not 'public' in the settings bar. That way you can mail the link to the person – only they can watch it then. Also in 'settings' make it downloadable or not. Also look at the different YouTube licences to safe gaurd you. Hope this helps a bit.

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      The YouTube unlisted method is a great idea, as he said above.


      If I may add, another way of going about doing that, is to upload the YouTube video as unlisted and embed it onto a wordpress blog. Then find a fancy little add on that will allow you to password protect the blog so only those who you give the password to can access it.




Viewing 3 reply threads
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