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      I am new to the forum and thanks in advance for all the help.

      I have seen video's and website where you have a person speaking or moving that looks like they are outside of the webpage or video. (looks like 3D).

      Can anyone tell me how this is accomplished?


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      Green screen and After Effects. Pretty simple to do.

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      Thanks charles, what is the technical term for it?

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      I believe what you are talking about is chroma key video with a transparent background.  This effect makes it look as if the person is walking on the actual website instead of being confinded to a video box.  Charles is correct, you need a green screen and chroma key software, such as After Effects, to achieve this effect.  Then all you do is make sure you have no background selected, and when you eport the video, do so with RGB+Alpha selected for the output.  It might be different for other software, but that is what you need for After Effects.  Also, it will need to be saved as a FLV or some other file that supports an Alpha channel.  That's it.  Figure out how to put it onto your website and it should look like the person is walking onto the computer screen.  Depending on your web hosting site, you might have to select something when uploading the video indicating it has a transparent background, but that can be different depending on the site.



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      What you need is a Green screen, instructions on YouTube how to make one, from a few dollars to the sky is the limit.  Then you need Video Editing Program that has the ability to do Chroma Key.  The video Editing program I use,  Both Programs can do Chroma Key.  To do this, you simply place your Background Video on the Timeline of the Program, then place your Green Screen footage, depending on the program, either below or above the Background video.  Shooting a Green Screen Video takes much planning.   Bothe VideoMaker and YouTube have Video and articles you should look at to understand how it is done.

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      Yep, Chroma key is the technical term.  Many people call it green screening because that is a common color for the background screen.  


      I just had to download Premiere Elements for work and it has a really nice green screen plugin that allows you to add the virtual background in very easily.  


      if you are wanting to place the talent on top of a webpage, you will need to film the talent on a green screen, then apply a green screen effect to remove the green in the shot.  Next, you will need to render the footage with an alpha channel (flv or quicktime – animation codec can work good).  Then, you will need to embed this video into a flash player or something else to play on top of the website itself.  


      Hope that helps a bit!

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      Green Screen technology and its application can help you to achieve a good video production.



      Andrew James—- SaltLakeCityStudio

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      Thanks charles, what is the technical term for it?



      Chroma Key.



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