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      If I have a project in Vegas pro 9, render a bunch of clips in say wmv, then import those clips into another new project, then render all those clips in avi format, will the quality suffer? In other words must all rendered clips stay in same format to maintain quality?

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      WMV is a distribution format and shouldn't be used for anything else. Ideally you stay with your original format. SInce you don't say what that is, my recommendation is to render to MXF which gives you excellent quality for future use.



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      A related question.  In Adobe Premiere Elements 8 what output would give me the best quality video?  For example to DVD what settings would give me the best looking video on DVD.  Assuming I'm using clips that are 1080P30.

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      I don't use Premiere but I can tell you that, in Vegas, I have to render out an MPEG-2 and accompanying AC-3 or WAV file for my DVD authoring program.

      Also, a DVD is limited to 720×480 resolution (in the NTSC world) so you're going to lose a lot of your source quality. A Blu-ray is the only way to keep that quality.



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      When I get ready to "Share" a video in Premiere elements 8, I think my best two options are there.

      1) MPEG Description 1920x1080i 29.97 High quality

      File Type H.264 Blu-ray

      Frame Rate 29.97

      Audio Setting Dolby Digital 192 (kpbs) 48 khz



      all settings are the same except instead of H.264 Blu-ray I have

      MPEG-2 Blu-ray


      Which would be the higher quality video?

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      Barnacle – I don't have the program in front of me right now so I'm doing this from memory, but if you're making a DVD as opposed to a Blu-Ray disk, MPEG-2 is what you will be creating. When you click SHARE in PE, it should bring up the options for either Blu-Ray, DVD or in later versions of PE, AVCHD on DVD.


      DVD will play in all players and give you standard def. Blu-Ray will play in only Blu-Ray players and give you high def. AVCHD on DVD will play in many Blu-Ray players (not in DVD players.) 


      A Blu-Ray disk holds much more info than a DVD, so if you have a Blu-Ray burner, and don't intend to play it on a DVD player or non-Blu-Ray equipped computer, use Blu-Ray output since it will always give you the best possible quality.


      Lakepirate 48 – Like rs170a said – the more times you change format, the more chance you have at reducing the image quality. Try to stay native quality whenever possible for best result until you HAVE to transcode it for distribution. A copy of a copy (etc.) is never as good as the original. 

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