Video format and settings for universal playback?

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      My friends and I have made a short educational video for our club members. The videos were shot with a Canon EOS 7D in 1080p resolution. As we are not very familiar with editing works, we outsourced the post-shooting works to a video production company in Toronto. The video is great and we are happy with it. But the final video is Full HD quality MP4 and huge size. The video is meant to be distributed among common people who may not have a very high end computers. We would like the video to be watchable by everyone and if possible they could watch it in TV. Which is the video format we could convert it into, so that it could be watched in the basic computers/laptops and in televisions as well. Any suggestions on conversion settings also will be helpful.

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      If you want it to be watchable on TV I'd suggest you make it into a DVD, in which case the format would be mp2. I don't know how long the piece is, of course, but mp4 is a highly compressed format and I'm surprised the file you've gotten is "huge."



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