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      I recently attended an event hosted by my public college in collaboration with a non-profit. Naturally I brought my camera and some shots. The non-profit approached me and I was more than willing to provide them with the footage for free (I believe in their mission and I hadn’t come out with the intent to sell anything). A week later, the college is asking me for the same footage for their use (promotional I assume).

      My question is: would it be reasonable to charge the public college for the same service that I gave the non-profit for free?

      I took 90 minutes of 4K on a DJI Osmo and would provide both groups with the raw footage. I gave the non-profit an Attribution CC BY (full rights), and am thinking of requiring the college an Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC with a low rate for any additional commercial use.

      I am new at this licensing stuff – any and all input would be great! Thanks,

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      First rule of video, audio and photography – NEVER, EVER give away your rights. Grant people usage rights for specific time periods or projects. It doesn’t have to involve mega contracts – just emails. “I’m very pleased you’d like to use some of the video I shot for your XYZ project. If you need to use it again in the future, please let me know”.

      For the college -“I understand you’d like to use some of the material I shot at the recent XYZ Event. As I’m building up my professional portfolio, I’d be prepared to give you permission to use it for promotional purposes for the period of three years for the sum of $X. If you’d like to provide me with a purchase order, I’ll get the material to you by return”.

      This doesn’t involve any re-assignment of rights, you retain them and are licensing their usage. This works for me in the UK – I’d assume the US situation is similar. I do exactly the same with commissioned music – I retain all the rights and give them permissions. In the main, I never even re-use these, so could have happily have given them away. I just like to keep stuff, that’s all. All these fancy licensing types seem to be creeping in, but they always seem to be written to favour the other party? Obviously this system won’t please a national broadcaster or big movie company, but for smaller less aware clients, it works rather well for me.

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