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      I’ve been asked to produce a video for a 7sqm display, but I’m confused because they require mp4 video with dimensions Width 448 px Height 288 px, which once blown up will look very bad.

      These are the specs they’ve sent me



      7 m² Screen surface

      Layout requirements
      Width 448 px
      Height 288 px

      72 dpi

      Bold colours recommended
      Contrast is important
      No white background

      10 Seconds max

      Jpg / Mp4

      How can I produce a video that will show good on a 7sqm display?

      Thank you for your help

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      Only my opinion but Big shapes, contrasting colors, clean fat lines, and no detailing. you don’t want anything to become a pixilated mess on 7m2 display. Stick to big clean graphics or if you are using actual video, make sure the subject’s background is clean and not cluttered, and stylize the video so details fade but the overall picture stays the same. If done right the viewers will fill in the details.

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      The specs don’t match, and are incomplete. 7m2 is 3 x 2, or 1 x 7 or 3 x 2.5? it doesn’t say. 448pixel sizes are for mobile phone screens.

      There is NO WAY that’s the spec for a projector – in fact, most projectors cannot handle this size frame anyway – and there’s also no indication of 25/39/50/60 frame rate. They are clearly idiots or very green. Steer clear of the project as you will get the blame. If you supply what they ask, it will be terrible blown up!

      They have made a big mistake – and clearly have no clue at all.

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