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      Hi all. Total newb here. I need some advice and help.

      I have a video filmed on my Samsung phone of a potential intruder outside my home that needs clarity.

      It was taken from behind a fly screen on the window and the focus therefore is on that screen and not the person beyond.

      My questions are

      1. Can this be fixed to focus on the person?
      2. What program do i need?
      3. How do i do it?

      I tried using a couple of free online things but no luck.

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      Based on my experience with similar problems the answer to #1 is "no."  The problem is that the image is on a single plane rather than layered. Anything you do to sharpen or enhance the intruder will also sharpen and enhance the screening. It's possible you could tinker with the footage in Photoshop or a similar program but I suspect all you will accomplish is to soften (blur) the entire image.

      Perhaps this story will cheer you up a bit. Several years ago I received a call asking if I could enhance footage from a security camera. The caller described footage that was backlit, with no front lighting and almost completely out of focus. I suggested he contact the FBI, whose sophisticated image processing equipment might be able to recover a usable image. After a long pause the caller said "I 'm with the FBI." After I stopped laughing I suggested he send the project to the lab in Washington D.C. Again, after a long pause, he said "We don't have enough money in our local budget to do that." I suggested he call the local Air Force base to see if their photo analysts could help. Unfortunately no joy there either. The moral to all of this is that if the image is really mesed up there is very little to be done to repair it, NCIS and CSI and the tech miracles we see on TV not withstanding.

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      I think what Jack says is right on the money, there is no way to remove the  sreen from the video.

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