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      Hi there!

      I have a problem.

      I need to create multivisual video which automatically pauses when i have added “pause marker” and starts again when hitted play-button.

      I know that usually video can pause pressing spacebar and i know this tehcnique called “freezing movie”. In my case those don’t solve my problem.

      I give example.
      I need create this video one music show backround, which stops from time to time to different speeches etc… I know when it stops, but i don’t know when it starts again. So if i use freezing technique it could be too short or too long. Spacebar pause dont work, becouse there is no one hitting that pause button. When music starts again, someone press play-button and so music and my film goes again.

      So i really need that kind of video editing software which supports “pause markers”. Do you have something recommended product?

      I have Sony Movie Studio Platinium 13, but i think it doesent support pause markers, anyway it is little ankward to me, im really beginner those video editing programs, but i need now and then software which supports good video and audio track editing tools. If i want slow or fast some track, Sony Movie Studio Platinium has it own imperfection. Usually i create films to my photographs and different music.

      Have you some products which supports pause markers and you think is better than Sony Movie Platinium 13 escpecially with photographs?


Viewing 0 reply threads
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