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      Which software for a newbie?

      Adobe Premiere Elements
      Cyberlink PowerDirector

      or more expensive

      Adobe Premiere Pro


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      I currently use Power Director 11, for the past two years. I love it. Especially for a newbie, its great. Great editing. Its really enough for what you need. 


      I record chuch services, in the Orthodox Church- part of the Media Department. Edited using power director.

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      My recommendation would be Vegas Movie Studio. The cheapest version is less than $50 and you can upgrade to Vegas Pro later if you grow out of it. I teach Vegas to college students and can have them editing on their own with minimal instruction.

      Trial versions of most software are available so I strongly encourage you to download and try them out. Be sure to spend enough time with each one to make it a fair trial.



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      Which software for a newbie?


      Actually I'm not that familiar with the two software you listed.


      As a newbie, just like you, I create simple videos to record my life in minutes, but with wonderful effects including adding musics, trasitions, titles and other effects. Considering of the purpose, I choose the software ShowBiz. It's pretty easy to figure out, economical in expense, and rich in features.


      While, if you are a newbie who want to create professional videos with amazing super cool effects, then maybe Power Director will be your best try.


      Just my personal suggestion, hope it helps. 

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      I agree with rs170a. Not that any of the other software is bad but with the Sony software line you can start out with the low end software that is pretty powerfull. It then gives you an easy path up to the pro version without a steep learning curve. 

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      Considering you as a novice person I am suggesting you few basic and free software for video editing for most used platforms.

      Windows – Windows movie maker

      Apple Mac – iMovie

      iPad – Loopster app

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      I have pretty good experience with magix video pro x4.Easy to use and excellent features for projects.


      custom retouch


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      Which software for a newbie?

      Adobe Premiere Elements
      Cyberlink PowerDirector

      or more expensive

      Adobe Premiere Pro




      If you will excuse me, video editing software for a newbie doesn't need to be athat professional as Adobe….Have you tried Windows Movie Maker and other less professional software for video editing


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      Consider this: Whatever editing software a person begins to " master ", by default becomes their favorite software . . . .  until their needs exceed the capabilities of that particular software. To that end a brand of software which has a " beginner's " level and subsequently an " advanced " level makes life a bit easier when transition time arrives. Although the editing task remains pretty much the same regardless of software used, they all have a little different way to go about it . . . . otherwise there would be no need for more than one brand. Keyboard shortcuts come to mind. When you becomes proficient with one brand of software to the extent that keyboard shortcuts are second nature, " unlearning  " them is a drag.


      If you're just splicing together home movies, then go with Windows or Mac free software depending on your platform choice. Anything more, and I would recommend entry level Vegas or Adobe software. I may be wrong ( frequently am ), but I have a sense that Final Cut potentially requires too much transcoding in order to be user friendly with a number of camera codecs.


      Rick Crampton

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      atila gacal

      I am an Edius(6) user. 

      If you want to HD editing I highly recommended this software. 

      Here are some advantages

      – Similar working face with all major video editing program. Easy to start

      – Low computer system requirement needed. forexsample it doesnt need cuda (mean nvidia based grphic card) forsome  real time video effect. AMD and Nvidia both of them usefull for edius. I am useing AMD phenom II 1090T 4GB ram (sure better 8gb – 16 gb)  and ati grphic card. No problem.

      – Its most faster software renderer about h.264 codec. It doesnt need an another hardvare like matros -max systems.

      – You can edit almost all codec with this software. Inculuded 3D 

      – Itscompatible with al lot of thirt party software as like titlers effects etj.

      – If you need other specifical professional fautures Grass walley have (manifacturer of edius) support them. SDI,  multi camera support and etj.

      – Cost effective because its need low cost computer and doesnt need necessarily extra hardware (matrox max and etj.) for h.264 rendering.

      – Easy to find support in internet comminity.

      Best regards.

      Atila Gacal

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      Sony Movie Studio is suitable for you. It is simpler than Sony Vegas

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