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      Avatarmad hornet

      I am looking for recommendations for video editing software that can work with MPEG and MP4 files.  Good telephone tech support is a must for me.


      I recently bought a GoPro Hero 4 Black and love the camera, quickly mastered the editing software and am really impressed with their phone support – it's awesome.


      After getting good with that I wanted to do more since I can't zoom the GoPro was trying to incorporate video from my Sony camera which creates MPEG files.  Found out Go Pro Studio doesn't support them and upon recommendation from the sales person at Best Buy I bought Magix Video Editing software.  I am having real trouble understanding how to use Magix and quickly discovered their tech support to be a joke.


      So, looking for somethign that works, is user friendly, and WELL SUPPORTED.  Please help, thanks!

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      Final Cut Pro x is pretty user friendly, I learned on Avid but I have recently begun using FCPX and it's great. Do you use a PC or Mac?

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      FCP, Premiere, Vegas, Avid and loads of others. Always best to start on a cut down version of one of the big ones, and then work hard at getting used to it. Then you can always upgrade. The consumer ones, even the good ones, are still a poor relation. They do the basics very well, but only go so far – and when you outgrow them, there is no more advanced one!

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      Adobe Premiere is reasonable, and the pricing is great considering it's a subscription service now… it's what we use, but there is also a very nice (and opensource) editing program available called LightWorks. Many professional feature films have been edited on this program, so it's worth taking a look…


      Did I mention it's free!? Still, we use Premiere because with our business the integration with the Adobe products is essential. Best of luck, can't wait to see the finished video!

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      Taks a look at Macrosystem's Bogart For Windows software at

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      Hey , You can also look at movavi. I used it once for my project.

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      You can use Adobe Premiere too!

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      Avatardavid lawson

      You could use the software you have as below:
      Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (Windows, OS X)
      Real Producer Plus (Windows)
      QuickTime Broadcaster (OS X)
      QuickTime Player (OS X)
      Windows Media Encoder (Windows)
      Daum Potplayer (Windows, OS X)
      XSplit Broadcaster (Windows, OS X)
      VLC (Windows, OS X, Linux)
      Wirecast (Windows, OS X) etc.
      OBS etc.
      And we think you need to buy a hdmi to usb converter,somethink like below:

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      Hi, guys!
      I am new to video editing software and my question can look silly. Anyway… I was there are many video editing software like Shotcut, Openshot and so on. Which one is better to use considering that i do not have an experience. It would be great to hear your opinion, also hearing advantages and disadvantages of the sofware. Thank you!

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