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      Hello, I am trying to find the best way to organize my files so I can edit with speed and efficiency. I've heard some people say you should put your raw footage on an external hard drive, and put your project files and software on the internal hard drive. I have a large external drive that is usb3.0, but would it be faster to put everything on the internal drive while I'm editing and store it on the external later for storing? I haven't gotten my new computer yet but I'm trying to decide if I should get a larger ssd so I can put raw footage on it while I'm editing a project ( in case that makes it faster to edit without freezing or glitching)

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      My desktop machine has a 256 GB. SSD for drive C and a 1 TB. hard drive for drive D.  Editing software gets installed on drive C and everything else on drive D. I also have several 2 TB. USB 2.0 and 3.0 drives that I use for storage and editing from time to time. I shoot and edit HD and have never had any problems using internal or external drives. Proper folder management is the key to successful editing as well as making backups.



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      The faster the drives the better, of course, but there also the bottlenecks to consider. I keep my programs, inputs and outputs on seperate drives; that has helped for rendering tremendously. However, for glitch free editing of multiple lines of HD (3 camera work etc.), your computer RAM and your graphics card(s) are perhaps more important (if you are already using an i7 or quad core CPU). For your new computer perhaps look at the I/O speed of the drive devices you are considering and check which graphics cards are compatible with your editing software. I use Premiere Pro 5.5 and there is quite of list of cards which that take advantage of the GPU for glitch free editing. I also have 24Gb RAM which has helped alot for RAM previews.  I didn't start with 3 drives, two video cards and all that RAM. When I bought a new computer a few years back I made sure the chasis had room for extra everything AND made sure the power supply could drive all those devices. Then I added as I made money on video.

      There are some work processes that have helped me reduce editing glitches. I don't add color effects. (i.e. adjusting colors so all the cameras look a little closer in color) until the end.

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      internal is fine as long as it is an extra – and NOT the windows drive, then use the extrenal drive for storage. That said, I can run quite a few streams of HD from a USB connected drive. 

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