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      Hey I just signed up and was wondering if this is the right forum or if you guys would even consider it
      I filmed 3 clips on my iphone and was wondering since I have no editing knowledge at all
      if I can post the 3 links here and if some one can somehow edit them
      All I was looking to get done was put them together and blur out the license plat
      thank you for any advice or suggestions I just cant find any free software that would blur out a plate and how you would even do that 
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    Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

    You can post here, though I'm not sure how much luck you'll have. Are you offering to pay someone to do it?

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    Well im trying to do it with out paying if possible since its basic stuff, I just dont know how to do it πŸ™‚


    I guess ill post them here and hopefully someone can help me out





    So just wanna merge them together and blur the license plate out and keep the HD quality


    Let me know if you can help me out

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    yes surely, I can help you… its very simple task of merging the videos..and its quality will remain same no blur stuff at all. It will be look like as in HD.


    Best Regards

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    I will help if you credit me  on the edit.

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    Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

    Two offers! Color me impressed by the Videomaker community! πŸ˜€

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    If I am not understanding wrong you need to merge the 3 video together as well as remove the copyright of the video. merge them is easy, you can try imovie or other video editing software, remove the logo or copyright seems a little hard. It will be an blur block there.

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    Does the plate have to be blurred out? i can placea  black bar over the plate and blend it into the footage,seeing the car is black the bar will not be very noticable.Working on it . when do how do I send it to you?

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