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      Feb.7, 14
      I presently have a six year self build, which includes a Nvidia GeForce 8600GT,128-bit, along with an Intel Q6600 2.4GHz. 8GB DDR2, 700w PSU, WIN7 PRO 64, MSI P-35 Platinum MoBo. Western Digital 74GB Raptor for fast Boot, and a WD 2TB int.Storage.
      I am not a gamer, nor do I overclock, so it gets confusing looking at the dizzying amount of Motherboards, and GPU's that mostly have  "GAMER", in the name.
      The software I'm using is Photoshop CS6, but primarily, Pinnacle STUDIO 15HD Ultimate.
      In order to improve the "hanging", and the not-responsive issues with my present specs, I'm looking to do an upgrade with an i7 4771, 3.5GHz, a new MoBo (not sure…maybe another MSI, or Gigabyte) 8GB /16GB DDR3 (1600) ….and the Number One Question of the day……what's the best GPU for these specs, and video editing? 
      This is Feb. 2014, and most are telling me to just get the GTX650, which is about two years old.  I guess I would need at least 512MB, or 1GB Memory,  GDDR5, etc. 
      Are there any 700 Series Nvidia cards that are centered towards VIDEO, (OR anything else) and not Gaming? I'd like to stay current. 
      Thanks for any suggestions!
      Have a nice Day! 
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      I did a search for best gpu for Pinnacle 15 ultimate and A GTX was reccomended and then I ended up on this page



      There are a number to choose from but since you are using old software I'm sure most of the cards listed are up to the task.


      Personally I prefer ASUS motherboards. But I am sure you are checking the stats and reviews of your choices.


      Hope this is some help

      Good Luck


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