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      To sum it up, I love editing. I've been into video editing for the last 3 years or so and have always enjoyed grabbing clips of the internet and piecing them together to make montages.


      It's probably the only thing I consider myself 'good' at, and thoroughly enjoy it. I was curious about a career in video editing and would love to take it up as a job n the future. However I am compeltley unaware of the business and etc, and if its possible….


      It is something I should worth progressing in, trying to get better at? 

      FYI, I currently, and have always been using Sony Vegas Pro to edit my videos. 


      Some of my work:




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      What you want to do is one of the many dream jobs of mine. You'd want to be an EVS operator for major sporting events.


      You're basically the replay guy, but you put together those fun sequences they show of highlights as you bump to commercial. Can't say I've met an unintersting EVS operator.


      To start, it'll suck. You got skills, you took a simple juggling drill and turned it into a video. I think great editors can take a complete load of crap worth of video and make something of it. That raw footage you shot juggling was probably pretty boring until you chopped it and filtered it.


      With that being said my best ideas are to begin 1) If youre ballsy enough, and have good enough equipment (cam, editing bay all thats needed to start) then hit up your friends that are trying to get music out there, make some music videos, a lot of fun, decent coin and it will quickly teach you the nuances of any editing system because you'll be using so many effects, key frames, blah blah.


      Easy option– if you dont have an edit bay either use a free suped up computer at a college campus or apply for a local news job. "News jobs are hard to find," true, if you suck…


      At my old station, they were number one in market 70. They hired a 16 year old for an editing position… with no past experience.. he just came in and hung out with his friend that was an editor.


      Where this story is going… You have skills, you obviously have a do or die attitude by saying its the one thing youre good at. So if thats true then make it your career. But like anything, you need to not apply to big time editing positions. Get your feet wet in local news (where you will literally edit all day and learn every hot key, and you will have a computer to edit your things on in your offtime)


      So local news or small-scale freelancing. Network, network, network. Nothing more that a grumpy old editor likes more than someone young actually trying to pick their brain. Most things they tell you you'll know by just naturally editing, but every old editor has some personal tricks up their sleeves.


      So just get in it professionally, meet professional editors, if you dont suck or you're not a jerk then you'll easily move up the ladder.


      Whereabouts do you live? If its a major city (top 50 markets) you may have a hard time, but if you live near a mid sized city you'll be good to go

      Hope this helps 

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      I am new to the business and this forum but I will second the notion of starting at a local news station, I work for a small time station and they hired me with no previous experience just based on working for a wedding photography company at the time and work I had done on my own, the guy who trained me started here with no previous experience as did basically all other editors. The station I work at called the video editor position "Assistant producer" so when you look for jobs don't goby the title read the description carefully. Basically you start doing simple stuff, news mostly and sports if you are interested in that. I have been here less than six months and already moved up the chain to a full time position where I now work on 2 morning news shows, a morning talk show and the news at noon and I get plenty of variety. Its the best way to get started that I found and I was trying all the wrong ways for a long time, weddings, freelance, doing transfers to DVD, all that is good way to get good at editing but you need to get a job in the business. Best thing about it is the industry moves so fast you will be at a company for maybe a month or less before something else opens up as people move on fast. Start at a middle sized station, market 90 or higher I would say they are easier to get your foot in the door. 



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      It seems to me you need to work not only in the field of editing, but also try filming. It will expand your possibilities and you will be able to better understand the principle of shooting, selection of frames and organic compounds. You should look for some internships or companies that accept workers with no experience. Sometimes companies “grow” specialists to themselves, teaching them everything. I can advise you to contact careerperfect to get a resume and put together a small portfolio so that you can get a job in the field.

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      I think the best thing to do is find a company in your area that does editing you are passionate about. See if you can do an internship. You will learn the business better then you would on your own and work on real-world projects. You will grow your network and befriend people who might be able to introduce you to someone who might have a paying job for you. Last, you might find out how much you hate it and be able to move on without a big loss of time. For example, the local news has hard hours where you will be working late at night or very early in the morning. Plus weekends, holidays. Best of luck.

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      Everyday more than millions of videos are uploaded on different platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, flicker etc

      Some of them earn quite a lot. So everytime these people upload videos they upload a better or unique one. So videographer and video editors are going to earn quite a lot along with the video makes.

      So the future belongs to Videographer and Video Editior so go for it.

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      Thanks for that MMJ – I'll take a look around and see what's available to me πŸ™‚ 

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