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      I have been searching for some time now without success on something I am missing to make my set-up work right.  I am doing video depositions.  Here's my set-up and what exactly is not working for me.


      Camera: Canon XA10.  I am using the HDMI output

      Blackmagic Intensity Extreme into Macbook Pro


      This set-up works fine and I get a feed into the computer and am able to record a digital copy of the live feed.


      Now here is where I am having an issue. 


      The Blackmagic Intensity Extreme is able to push the live signal out to another monitor/TV and I can see it on there.  What I want to be able to do is rather hook the Out cables from the Blackmagic hub is to connect them to a DVD Recorder and have it record in real time.  For some reason the signal does not go to any of the DVD REcorders I have tested.  Is there something I am missing.  The DVD Recorders do work when connected to a cable box and a feed comes in.


      Therefore, I believe I am missing a piece of equipment.  Can anyone help me or suggest what I am missing here to make that work.


      So, again I would like to record a live feed digitally (which I have accomplished) and then also record that in real time with a DVD recorder.  Hoping someone here has some suggestions.


      Thank you in advance.




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