Video delivery? DVD covers? Flash drives?

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      Hey everyone!

      Most of my clients I’ve started with have just been concerned about having the digital file delivered (real estate videos and a commercial). I did my first wedding for a friend yesterday. I’ve been researching how people deliver their video files to more of a non-business related client like a wedding. I personally would prefer just delivering via flash drives but see a lot of people get requests for DVDs.

      How do you deliver yours? If you deliver the DVD, how do you personalize it? I’ve seen a lot of people complain about both light scribe and using DVD stickers and how they cause playback problems etc.


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      Definitely NO stickers. They have the potential to come off and totally destroy a DVD drive. We print directly onto the disc, creating artwork from the content on the disc — e.g., a picture of the bride and groom if it’s a wedding, or the party girl, etc. — and over-print information such as the names of the bride and groom, date and place of the wedding. In our experience, this creates a real “wow” factor when the client sees their DVD and often leads to additional sales. We place the printed DVD in a clear plastic case so the artwork is easily visible. We follow through with the artwork even if delivering on a flash drive or hard drive, creating a title block using a moment from the event.

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      I use the inkjet DVD-R’s to print on the disc, and whether it is a wedding or a transfer of someone’s memory from VHS, I’ll place a small photo on the disc with their name (and for weddings, the date) or the name of the video, and have a sunburst or for weddings a generic flower photo underneath. And then I’ll do the same for the cover, sunburst or flower, with the photo and name-date on the front, and the on the spine I’ll also put the name-date, and I’ll put it in a black Amaray case, and, even before I show them the actual video, I usually have clients crying from the photo on the cover.

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      DVD is definitely a good option because it is more secure, more traditional, and, I think, more personal. But, there are tons of other options for delivering videos to clients:
      (BitTorrent, file-sharing websites and apps, cloud storage services, email, etc.)

      I believe there is no need to personalize the DVD itself to avoid said playback issues, just personalize the DVD case. You can take requests or just have a standard format. Good luck!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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