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      I am loking for a Video camera, to use my Nikon Lenses. I am now making Videos with my Nikon D800. But I am intersted to purchase a good Video camera since I have paid a lot of money for my Nikon lenses.

      Has anyone some experience and can recommend a Camera body?  


      Thank you for your help

      Peter (from Switzerland)

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      You can use many different video cameras by using a nikon to ____ (which ever camera you choose) lens adapter. If your looking to get a video camera that has a similar sensor size as the D800 (Full Frame) is going to be tough if your going for an upgrade to a prosumer video camera thats within the same price point as D800. There are a bunch of Sony prosumer cameras depending on your price range. But it also depends on what your looking for, ie, DSLR or a true professional video camera. DSLR's are great but they lack a lot of crucial features. Recording length, audio, moire, ergonomics, etc… and the downside to prosumer video cameras are $. What is your budget? What are your 'must have' features? 

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      I use the 4K Panasonic GH4, full frame Sony VG900 camcorder and full frame Sony A7r that I use with Nikon lenses using adapters. The GH4 also works with the Metabones speedbooster to give your Nikon lenses a wider FOV on the 2x crop sensor.


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      Thank you Sebastien and Joe for your help


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