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      I’m new to video (hope this is right forum) and I need a video camera to do talking head interviews. The sound needs to be good so I would like something with Bluetooth mic capabilities. Budget isn’t huge.

      Any good recommendations?

      Many thanks

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      yes I do have a suggestion for you. Bluetooth mics are hit and miss in my experience and you might be fine staying in close. However, when they are good, they are real good ($$$$) prepare to open your wallet a bit wider though . When they are bad, you get the idea. Your on a budget right?. Get an inexpensive recorder with built in mic or get an external mic, for more body wearing options. Turn on both your camera and your recorder, clap once or twice for edit syncing and your in. Got a mono recorder? No problem. Fix that in post so both channels have same audio. Advice… not have the mic touching any clothing, as between a shirt and a jacket….you will not like the results. Try it out…you’ll do fine.

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      I’m going to second the anti-Bluetooth route. Jamie also had a good idea of putting the mic on the person using a lavaliere mic recorded by another device, like an iPhone. There are very inexpensive apps and mics that will give you a lot of control over the iPhone’s recording capabilities. Export that and add that to your timeline. Listen for the claps to sync with your video and you’re golden.

      Good luck!
      Chris Sebes
      Senior Video Editor

Viewing 2 reply threads
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