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      If you need any film equipment take a look at this fantastic website…

      Gini Rigs has rolled a line of products out that supersedes their competition in many ways.
      Any experienced filmmaker will tell you that the most important part of film production products starts with product quality. has found a way to build exceptional quality machined shoulder rigs and keep prices well below their competitors.

      I recently purchased a shoulder rig (Flip Flop) from this company and the first thing I noticed was the high quality machined aluminum parts. All parts were sturdy with a high polished CNC smooth aluminum surface. The second thing I noticed was the custom hand grips machined to fit the contours of my hands unlike most rigs.

      I’ve been in the film business for years and have only come across 2 or 3 companies with the quality as Gini Rigs. A high end product with low cost and extensive durability is hard to find but I’ve found it in this growing company.

      I was pleased to see that my shoulder rig was all individual pieces with an array of possibilities in terms of how I can use the device. The LH offset clamps allows for me to look directly into the the viewfinder of my DSLR or BMCC camera or I could run a straight line system that allowed me to open my DSLR screen for a perfect alignment.
      I can also shorten the rails to use my system as a run and gun system.

      This system came with a base plate which is smooth and sturdy with the ability to fasten down onto my tripod. Multiple rails/rods made also of high quality aluminum. Comfortable shoulder pad, several body arms to protect my camera and allow for the application of other screw on devices such as the monitor arms and follow focus which both come in several styles. 2 handles and 90% clamps (90 clamps) to attach handles the system.

      Even the screw to lock down the pieces are made of aluminum and are extremely strong and durable. even went as far as to send me several extra screw downs in order to have extras in case of expansion.

      Many of you young filmmakers are out there right now looking for quality production parts at the right price and I can’t explain to you enough Gini Rigs is the way of the future in quality and practical engineering.
      Gerry Landy
      -GINI RIGS

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