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      i done a video animation for goolets company. Its my first animation and i want your opinion about it how bad or good is… πŸ™‚
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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Excellent animation. Is fun and to the point. Great job

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      It seems too mechanical for my tastes.  Linear motion paths are just way to jerky.  Ease in and out.  It's supposed to be a vacation, make it seem fun.

      I like the illustrations.  It's a very solid start.



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       "Explainer" type video. Well done and direct. Got the point across. 

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      I thought it was good for your first animation.  You'll only get better.

      Nice work.



      Charleston Videography

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      Well done! – For your first animation you should be very proud, I like it,

      If I was to offer you a few suggestions for improvement – Your naration should be rewritten by a native english speaker, Like Brian I think the anamation could use a little life (ease in/out & bounce/spring) also the music could have been 10bpm faster and a little more up and happy.


      I say all of this in the sprit of friendly advice Barbaraa again for your first animation you should be very proud,  

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      Great stuff for your first animation.


      I agree that you need some ease in/out to smooth out the jerkiness, but even more than that what I'd like to see is some MOTION BLUR. What program did you create this in? In After Effeccts motion blur is as simple as checking off a box.

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      AvatarPine Fresh Media

      Great for a first shot. Congrats! Although I agree with many of the comments already posted. Take these as some pointers for the future:


      1. Get stuck into easing… It gives some more flow all round. Especially given water is a big part of the animation.


      2. I agree with 'Youtubeforbusiness', the video copy is a little clunky. The structure of the video is fairly messy and the flow between ideas gets a little confusing. A simple structure I like to work by is:


      a. present the problem, then


      b. present the solution.


      This video jumps around a little too much for my liking.


      3. Typography. Could do a with a little work. Especially the end of the video. The final logo is very weak. Not a great way to end.


      But the illustrations are clear and have a consistent asthetic. Congrats.

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      I've been looking for animated video creation in the web when I saw this post of yours and i just want to say that I am pretty interested to read more of your post. For me it's cool. I must say that in order to have a more great video in the future, you can use animoto, and even vegas.You can also try camtasia if you want. There you can adjust images, proper aspect ratio and audio and can make the images more steady.


      Am proud of your work πŸ™‚  Keep it coming!


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      Really nice animation. But there is presence of motion blurness in some places. Which programe or tool you used to create it.

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