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      Hi everyone! I’ve run into this problem early in my journey to make Youtube videos, namely, being able to record multiple audio sources from the same program. Basically, I need a video editing software that records multiple audio tracks and a video at the same time. Currently, I’m using Audacity to record my mic and OBS Studio to record gameplay and the audio from the game. Problem is, I have to try to sync them up everytime even though I map the recording button to the same key on my keyboard because it ends up being about a second off. In OBS Studio it allows me to record multiple audio tracks at the same time but when I try to import those recordings into Filmora and Powerdirector 15 (these are both the trial versions) they just take all the audio tracks as one. But as shown in this video, Adobe Premier Pro does this but I’m unable to afford a monthly subscription at this time and would prefer a one time buy. So if anyone can recommend good video editing software that does this it would be greatly appreciated.

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