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      I’m putting this under Editing, as it relates to editing my resume reel.

      Besides my paying jobs as a videographer and video transfer guy, I also volunteer for the local community Cable channel. Now then I like getting copies of my work for my resume reel, and with stuff that I do on a paying basis I can usually get a high-quality copy of my work from the original master tapes, whether it be another tape copy in the same standard or even a DVD/Blu Ray copy. However for the station I volunteer at that is not an option as they just don’t have the time to be making copies for the volunteers. So the only way to get a copy is to record it off air.

      Now I still use VHS as I like the T-180 tapes for when I do stuff like tape the local Junior Hockey Team’s games, as I can record upto 3 hours in VHS SP. I also have a DVD Recorder that can record upto 2 hours in its SP mode (average bitrate is in the 5.0-6.0 Mbps range) with decent picture quality, however as Hockey usually goes over 2 hours, I have to record that in the LP mode (that’s in the 3.0 – 5.0 Mbps range), resulting in pictures with poor color, pixelation and very dark, grainy video. With the LP video I’ve tried editing with it using a direct digital transfer of the VOB files, however that makes the image even worse, as well as doing an analog capture (popping the disc into a DVD player and then capturing from S-Video, or composite, as I still have analog cable, and I also find that the DVD recorders 2-D separator does a poor job at splitting the incoming composite video, so I run it through a Canopus ADVC-300 via composite and the 300’s 3-D separator provides a much better color) that I find does improve the video a little bit by removing the DVD’s MPEG-2 encoding from the mix.

      But with both VHS and DVD Recorders I prefer the VHS for it’s durability. I still have VHS tapes from 30 years ago that still play, whereas I’ve got DVD’s that I recorded only 6 years ago that are no longer readable. So I have been looking into possible picking up a couple of DVHS VCR’s (as they can record 4 hours of HDTV, and upto 14 hours of SDTV) , but is there anything else out there (besides DVR’s) that can do the same as VHS VCR’S, but record a better image? Also I’ve noticed that true DVHS/SVHS tapes are no longer, so with a DVHS I’d either have to buy D9 tapes or modify the VCR so that the sensor that detects the extra holes in the cassettes is disabled and would allow

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      What about a PVR or a Video Capture Card?

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      I had thought about a DVR/PVR — but then the question comes of where to put the video once the hard drive fills up, what removable media do I transfer the video to to save it.  Also, I have analog cable (with clear qam channels), so a DVR/PVR, from what I've read on the available ones, are not compatible with analog cable.


      As far as TV capture cards go, I've looked at the specs on a few, and I have not been impressed.  Plus the compression seems very high on a number of them.  (Most, for analog capture state that 1 hour of video will use 1.5Gbph for it's best quality capture. I can set my DVD recorder to XP mode and record 62 minutes over 4.7 Gbph.)




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