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      VHS to DVD converter guide
      Do you have an old collection of VHS tapes with a lifetime of memories on them? Your wedding video, when your child was born, those tape of grandma when she was still with us? The unfortunate reality is those memories will not last forever. Most VHS tapes begin to degrade after only five years. Imagine the quality after 30 or more years.
      It is a good idea to convert VHS to DVD before it is too late.
      If you’re thinking of converting your recorded old movies and episodes of your favourite old TV program it is probably, not worth it, first became it is technically illegal to produce copies of commercial films and copyrighted content, plus they have reissued most old films and TV shows that can be pick up very inexpensively with better quality or view on a number of streaming services available for free or next to nothing. Old VHS tapes, unlike LPs, do not appreciate in value.
      Here is our guide to convert your VHS collection to DVD.
      There are a few ways to convert VHS to DVD. The first and most inexpensive is to simply buy an adapter and plug into a computer and your old VHS and start recording. But be cautioned an old VHS machine that may not be running properly may damage your tape beyond repair. Be sure to give the playback heads on your VHS a good cleaning before you start converting.
      If you don’t have the time or equipment or have a mix of older formats there is another easier option available.
      VHS converter services are available for around $12 to $15 dollars per tape.
      To read the complete article go to http://beststreamingmediaplayer.com/2017/02/02/vhs-to-dvd-converter-guide/
      For more reviews and info check out our site. http://beststreamingmediaplayer.com/

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