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      Hi everyone,

      I’m hoping someone can figure out what’s wrong but I can no longer capture VHS to DVD using Adobe.

      So here it goes:
      In my office I have a capture computer. Now IT came by and switched out my computer and gave me a new one which is where the trouble started.
      I just added a new Firewire card (PCI-E Express FireWire 1394a IEEE1394 Controller Card)
      to the new computer (Dell 3020) and it worked.
      The firewire connects to the DV Deck (AG-DV2000) and that is feed from the VCR,

      When I fire up Adobe Premiere CC to perform a capture it keeps saying, “Can’t Activate Recorder. Try Resetting Camera.” but I;ve done that numerous times and I can’t get it work. I’ve tried switching the settings on the DV deck but still no luck.

      Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Thank you.

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      Kevin Mc

      I had a similar 1394 issue a few years back. I too had added a 1394 card to my computer, but it would not interface with my Panasonic DV camcorder. Came to find out, that I needed a 1394 card with a specific chipset. I believe it required a TI (Texas Instruments) chip. Getting the right card did fix the problem. I’m sorry I don’t remember the required 1394 specs – it’s been years since I dealt with this issue.

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      I would simply hook a DVD recorder to a VHS player. Press record on the DVD and play on the VHS. Once done, finalize the DVD. At this point you have MPEG 2 files on the DVD, which you can lift off of the DVD, run through you Video Editing Program, then burn a new DVD

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      Thanks Kevin. I had a theory that could be the issue.

      I also bought something off ebay called, USB 2.0 Audio Video VHS to DVD PC Converter Capture Card Adapter’. Basically it goes right from the VCR to this which is connected via USB. That didn’t work either.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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