VFX Criticism?

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hello, i'm a little new to this website, and i mainly come here in search for critisicm. while i may have not been editing for long, it keeps me motivated to hear how im doing, what i can improve on, or learning new tips. so i present a few of my works, in hopes of hearing what the fine folks here have to say:

for starters, i have a short Half Life 3 Teaser:

in all honesty, i'm not very fond of it. it was pretty much a copy paste of copilots tutorial, except with a few added seconds. i really made it to break in after effects, since it used a wide range of AE's tools.


second, an unfinished typography test:

pretty self explanitory


lastly, a Face Form with trapcode:

i look forward what some of you have to say!

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Pretty awesome man, you're way better than me!
You should make some tutorials :D