Versatile camera for corporate environment?

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      Hi! We put together a small insert studio in at our office. The primary intent is to do mostly talking head shots against a green screen (insurance open enrollment meetings.. exciting stuff). Simple lighting, etc. We have an older Cannon Vixia HFS10 that has done ok. But it is showing it’s age and we are looking to move on.

      But, we just moved into a new, larger building and we are now having the occasional company event where we have to shoot the CEO from a distance. And some outside stuff.

      I guess what I am looking for advice on is a recommendation on a camera that can handle a variety of situations. Mostly small studio work, but the occasional hotel conference (back of the room) and some outdoor stuff. SD card memory preferred. I’m cool with getting additional lenses if necessary. NO 4k… I don’t have storage for that. 1080 is fine. I record sound separately when I can. Particularly in a conference setting so, while I am thinking about that, it isn’t at the top of the heap.

      Of course, I don’t want to go to the boss with a giant price tag… I would prefer to avoid the sticker shock if possible. But I realize that you pay for what you get. Just be gentle… πŸ˜‰


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      You end your post with ‘Thoughts?’ So I’ll start there. I looked at this post a week ago and I’m not surprised to see no one responded because, though you provide a lot of background for your need, you don’t actually say what’s wrong with your old camera, what cameras have you considered, what your price range is and what that all has to do with you moving into a new building. I think you’ll find that the people who voluntarily answer forum questions are willing to help but not willing to do all your work for you. If you are happy with Canon buy the X20, or 30 or 35, or go to the 300 series, or the 100 series.

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