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      New member here…thanks for having me!! πŸ˜€

      I have a quick, simple question…at least I THINK it’s quick and simple. lol

      Would someone be able to help me figure out why this is happening? For some reason, Sony Vegas Pro adds this strange orange-ish red-ish, super goofy contrast-y effect to all my videos and I’ve been unable to figure out why. No effects, no processing, no nothing…as soon as the clip touches the software, it looks weird. (Ignore the focus in the below examples…I know it’s jacked up…)

      This is what raw clip looks like:

      This is what the same exact raw clip looks like as part of the project…skip to 20 seconds in:

      Can anyone shed some light on why? I’d be very appreciative.


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      A little more information might be helpful: what version of Vegas? nature of the source material? what video card?

      I’ve been using Sony Vegas for nearly 15 years and have never had your problem, so my suspicion is that it’s coming from your computer rather than from the software, although that’s just a guess. Version 13 is the most recent. Search the Sony Vegas editor’s forum
      to see if anyone else has reported a similar problem.

      Perhaps more to the point, though, is how to fix the problem. I would suggest setting the correct levels first, then using color curves to tweak the color back into line. Be sure to use scopes when doing this.

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      Thank you for your reply. (Sorry for the epic late response. lol)

      I’m using Vegas Pro 13. The video comes off the T3i as a .MOV file and is drag-n-dropped into Vegas Pro as such. I’m running a GTX960 but it did the same thing using other hardware. To see what I’m talking about, see the post I made about this on another site…I included links to clips there.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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