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Vegas Pro 12 and PE11

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    Finally fairly well versed with PE11. I just downloaded a copy of Vegas Pro 12 with the Titles add on also and it is like "wow"… so different and seemingly so much more complicated. [amateur here!].
    I am very comfy with PE11 but willing to learn Pros 12 if there is any advantages?

    Is there?

    Thanks… Ara and Spirit

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    vegas pro is a more sophisticated piece of software, but you can start by going to the sony site and reviewing the training videos the have there, then go to You Tube and search for Sony Vegas pro tutorials, there so much there that you get overloaded on training.

    Yes Vegas pro has so much more it can do, its welll worth having, You can build your skills and the software wont limit you.

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    Hi Ara


    Chuck is correct.   My example is about going backwards.   I have Prem Pro CS6 and before that CS5.5

    Have only been at it a year,  but my computer came with Elements.  I gave it a try and found it


    harder to use than CS6.  Vegas has more to offer as do other sophisticated editors.


    But I start simple and learn the more complicated parts as I go along.


    Follow his advice and of course take advantage of the 30 day Free trials that most Top Editing Software offers.


    If you have 2 computers You can even create a gmail account to get another 30 days.


    It often works.  Although that's as far as I would take it if you can't decide in 30 days.


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