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      G'day guys and girls.

      Have been using Vegas Pro 10 for about 6 months or so. Mainly to edit go pro footage.

      Recently though, on the completion of rendering of the video when i then play it back the audio is only on the left channel.

      When i play the video on the timeline it comes through on both channels.

      Maybe there is something i have accidently pressed somewhere, but i cant seem to fix it.

      Any ideas?



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      I shoot with a Fuji Finepix S and It records a Mono track of sound, in Vegas in the left sde controls you have a volumn bar and a balance bar, I slide the balance bar to the right or left as I play the 

      video in the timeline until I can see both channels in the master sound control playing at equal levels, and then render, I don't have a go pro yet so i don't know if it records sound in Mono or stereo look at your camera and see if it has a single sound port or a pair of them to make sure what format your Go pro records sound in. check which version of Vegas Pro you are using, i started with 10.0a and now have 10.0e, you might see if you can download a newer version of the software and load it into your computer and that mght fix any problems with the software. Finally pull down your top bar menus and find settings, open settings and make adjustments in the sound section, If not there, pull down again and find preferences and open the sound tab and check there on the settings. Hope this helps.

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      Try posting this question on the Sony Editor's Forum for Vegas. You'll find it at


      It's quite possible that one of the Vegas users will have an answer for you.


      I use Vegas Pro — vers. 8.0c — and have never had the problem you're describing. There are quite a number of variables as the previous poster indicates and although I've tried several time to write up an approach for you it's mind boggling; just too many possibilities. Going to the Vegas forum will put you in touch with a global community of Vegas users and it's quite possible that one, or many, have gotten themselves into the same mess you find yourself in.


      Good luck.

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      Also if you have sound forge on your computer you can open your audio straight from the Vegas timeline and change it from mono to stereo save it and there you go

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      If all you want to do is get stereo on the timeline do the following: copy the audio on the timeline to a new audio track. Right click on the original track, select "Channel" and select "Left Only." Click on the new audio track, select "Channel" and select "Right Only."  Now you have a left and a right channel "stereo" track.


      However, this does nothing to solve the problem you posted. Moreover, once you've rendered your work you may still have only one audio track. I'd test this with a one minute clip. You might also put music on one audio track and voice on the other and see what happens when you render these.


      There are a tremendous number of variables in your problem and I recommend you trouble shoot systematically to eliminate as many as possible. Could be your camera; could be something you've inadvertantly set within Vegas; could be a problem with your audio card. You'll have to figure a way to test each and eliminate the variables.


      Again, I suggest you put your question in front of the folks on the Sony Editor's Forum where you'll find a great many people who have experienced many of the problems associated with Sony Vegas in its various iterations. Someone may have experienced and resolved a similar problem.

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      Cheers guys, it has worked fine with the go pro footage in the past so i dont see why any different now.

      I believe the go pro is only mono.


      I will have a play around and see how i go.



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