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      So a bit of context, I work at a small video production business in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I am currently the only editor at the business as well as the only employee who isn’t a family member (there were two other employees two months ago but both have left/been fired since)

      I’m looking to move on to a new workplace due to a number of reasons. But I’d rather not tip my boss off that I’m looking to leave before I actually get accepted elsewhere.As the majority of my relevant work that would assist in getting another role is from this job, I’d need to put some of the stuff I’ve edited on my website. All the videos are on the business’ youtube channel and do not have anything linked back to me (as I’m doing this under the brand of the business, not as an independent).Would I be crossing a line legally by doing this without permission? I’d like to avoid asking the boss for permission as that would easily tip him off that I’m looking to jump ship.

      Any advice on how to proceed would be most appreciated 

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      I’m not an attorney. That said, I believe here in the U.S. you would be crossing a legal line. The video you have created would be considered “work for hire” and thus the property of your boss. You could not use it as your own without his/her permission.

      Since examples of your work are readily available on line, why not simply indicate this in your resume? No need for examples on your website; a link to the material would be entirely adequate. That’s the beauty of the web!

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      you can report what other have said without fear – and you are correct that pictures, images and his speaking could contain material that has rights involved. Blazenight’s problem is that he does not have any rights whatsoever to his employers material to use it would be certain to cause grief.

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      I want to make video expose`s of a very unethical religious leader. Would the best format be verbal critiques of his web talks? No pictures or video of him, as that could be claimed as copyright violation, correct? I want it to be squeaky clean re:copyright and privacy laws.

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