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      What's the legality behind using others' YouTube videos in your own information product video? My product is about making videos, so I'll be using others' videos to demonstrate the themes running throughout my lessons and selling the video series. Could I be sued for using others' content?


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      You would certainly be sued by me, and I suspect by countless others. The material that's put onto YouTube is copyright protected; your use of it violates the copyright laws. There's nothing "fair use" about taking another's work, using it for yourself, and making money off the use.


      You might take a look at Elizabeth T. Russell's book called Art Law Conversations to keep yourself out of trouble. It's a quick and very informative look at copyright law.

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      You could always try messaging the person, explaining what you're doing, and asking them if you can use their video.  They might say yes, especially if it's a small portion you want to use, or if you offer them some compensation.

      Also, check the license associated with the video.  YouTube has options for selecting various creative commons licenses upon uploading, so there's a small chance they chose one of those.

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      Yep – totally agree, and every now and again I see a spike in my server stats when somebody suddenly links to one of my files, perhaps mentioned years ago on the net, and a few people download them. These I generally ignore, but finding my youtube or vimeo stuff re-edited on somebody elses account really, really makes me angry. One colleague had this done to him and made a new video, and replaced the one on line with one that made it clear what he thought about the ethics of the person who used it! "If you are watching this, it's because a thieving XXXXXX stole my work etc etc" 

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      Well just to pour some information, you can’t use others video in your own product if you dont have permission to use it. Using it without their consent or without them knowing will lead to lawsuits and more. If you really want to use the video of others you need to approach and contact them to get permission and put credits to them so that they will be more happy for you to use it.

      Maryann Farrugia CEO, Offshore Business Processing

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