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      I have a 10 minute-long promo video made up of short animation sequences to introduce themes, followed by interviews under each theme. Each 'theme' lasts approx. 2 to 3 minutes. I need to find appropriate music to have as a backing track as the whole thing is supposed to be quite slick.


      My question is, because the video is 10 minutes long, using one stock music track will probably drive any viewer insane due to the repetition – how best should I approach this? Use two tracks after another? Switch between the two strategically? Stick with one? My problem is that I don't want one part of the video to sound different to the other. I'm worried that just simply playing music in the background until it ends, then starting another track will sound odd.


      Any advice would be fantastic – anyone have any experience of 'sound design' for this kind of scenario?




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      What's the best way to take a picture of a cow?  What about the best way to drive from here to there?  What's the best meal to serve?  These are all subjective questions much like your question on how to best use music.  What we bring to the party is first our own individual aestetic first, then technical skills.  Only you can make the recomendation based on the content, audience, etc.


      Generally speaking, changing music per segment or topic is fine.  Find cuts that reinforce the subject matter and are appropriate for the audience.  Edit the music down to natural resolves rather than just fading out.  Another option is building a bumper between segments with a recuring stinger.  The sting can motivate and cover up the change in music track.



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      It's difficult to help you without having more informations on your project.

      But here are some ideas that can help:
      1- Try creating some real ambiances with real sounds…and try making some sequences without music, just with recorded ambiances. This will give more impact for the sequences with music.
      2- If you plan to use 2 different music (may be short for 10 minutes), choose one track for the theme, (this music is supposed to produce the biggest impact). For the second music, for me it's better to choose a discret music whith minimal melodic and rythmic content (the smallest emotional impact), this way you can use this track many times without driving any viewer insane πŸ˜‰ and when you'll decide to put the first track, the impact will be greater.

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