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      I set up a 3 camera shoot and used the iPad for one of the cameras. After I got the fottage out of the iPad and onto my PC, it is not capatible with the other 2 cameras. The iPad video was in .mov format and 25 fps. The other cameras were in MP4 & AVCHD format in 29.95fps. Any tips on using iPad footage with other formats?

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      AvatarDaniel Bruns

      Hi John,


      The unfortunate news is that in my opinion, your iPad footage will never look quite the same as your MP4 and AVCHD footage. However, there are some things you can do to get fairly close. First, I would suggest dropping down to a lower frame rate timeline/sequence (such as 23.976) in order to make the "strobiness" or lower frame rate look of the iPad match your other footage without losing quality. If you went the other way and transcoded your 25 fps video to 29.97, it would still have the strobey look. However, transcoding to 23.976 fps will depend on whether or not the venue you'll be showing the final video at is compatible with a 23.976 frame rate. Most venues are, but it's not a bad idea to check!


      Secondly, I would transcode all of your footage from their formats (whether AVCHD, MOV, or MP4) into a more edit-friendly intra-frame codec such as Apple Pro Res, Avid DNxHD, DVCPro Intra, or any codec with an I-frame setting of 1 (which means you'll have a full picture for every frame of video). H.264 with a high bitrate setting and an I-frame setting of 1 can actually do the trick if you decide to transcode to that format. The beauty is that you can send your transcoded files to producers and other editors and they'll be able to watch them without any hiccups if they have a fast computer system. Just a thought!


      Good luck!



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