Using a sequence from a video game.

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       Ok, so I have a new project I'm swirling in my head about a sort of psuedo-sitcom based on guys who play different games and each episode focuses on a new game they play and they start to have it consume their life….as in the see health bars and various things like that.


        The first idea I had was using a "social link rank up" from Persona 4….it's at 5:09 of this video:


       I did a little searching here and found a couple good resources but this seems more complex then those….but I think it will pay off.


       Ive always put editing as the way way last thing in my mind and never dreamed of playing around with any digital effects stuff but I think that's why I'm falling behind my peers….point of that is I have 0 experience as far as using photoshop, etc. (Hell I barely know how to use Premiere) but I have no timelimit so I can always learn.



      Also is their any way to legally get After Effects at a student rate without buying the whole CS?


          Thanks guys,

                   Cory B. Dinkel

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      To get After Effects at a student rate, become a student.



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       I am a student, I just didn't want to buy the whole CS just for After Effects as I already have Premiere and Photoshop.


       What I'm asking is it available standalone? I've yet to find it.

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