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      I’ve looked at some impressive demos online using a ring light instead of 3 point lighting (I’m in a smaller room)
      I wanted to use a green screen behind me. 7×5′. The ring light will be right around the camera. So would it be possible to light the green screen enough with other lights so my shadow doesn’t show on the green screen? Or is a ring light just absolutely a horrible idea for chroma key? This is basically going to be in my living room and really don’t want to have 3 big lights on me and then another couple for the green screen. I’m not as worried about the price as I am space. Was going to get the Diva Ring Light, which seems to get great reviews and looks amazing on the videos I’ve seen. Just concerned about the green screen element. Any advice on all that?


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      The products for you could be ReflecMedia ChromaFlex – a grey screen, with defective beads, so the LED ring on the camera sorts out the keying evenness.

      Watch the demo.

      While these rings work for the keying, on camera lights are dreadful for making faces look good, so you still need a key and a fill – plus maybe the backlight if you want the subject to look good. The ring simply lights the screen. Ring lights as the subject light source don’t light a normal green screen brightly enough without blinding the subject – and this also creates horrible face lighting – that reflects on the teeth and eyes, and makes it look lit by a torch!

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      You’d defiantly need to light your screen, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use a ring light to light your subject, other then the issues that arise from a ring light.

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