Using a MacBook Pro as a monitor for Canon XF300

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I used to have a Canon XH-A1, with which I used the FireWire output into my MacBook Pro, and used Adobe OnLocation as a field monitoring solution.
This worked absolutely fine for me... until I upgraded my camera to the XF300. The XF300 doesn't have a FireWire output, only HDMI and Component etc. Adobe OnLocation only supports FireWire input, not HDMI.
Now I'm stuck - I can no longer use my MacBook on location shoots as a monitor!
Can anyone recommend any alternative monitoring software that allows HDMI signal input? Adobe have discontinued OnLocation, so there's no hope of there being an update to improve compatibility.
I know that there is a piece of hardware that converts the HDMI signal from the camera into an HDV signal ready for FireWire that is compatible with OnLocation ( - but it's nearly £600 GBP, and I'm not spending that much money on a simple converter!
I just want a piece of monitoring software that I can use on my MacBook that is compatible with the HDMI signal from my XF300.
Any help is appreciated!

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Also, I have two cameras - is there any software that allows multiple video inputs?

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Have you considered looking into the matrox M0X2 with max? I realize that this is a hardware solution but it may be possible to come out of your camera with componet signals and convert them. Also, if can get it to work, the Blackmagic company has a more reasonably priced hardware solution that may work for you.


Good luck!