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      I’m new to video but am experienced at still photography.

      Is a Canon XL2 a good starter video camera for me at this time? The price seems right, has all features I want.

      Tom Falater

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      Hi Tom

      The XL2 is not a bad camera. Just remember that it does 4-2-0 and that you may soon have to use an external recorder as the drum heads will start showing some ware…..

      Cheers !

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      I’d say it depends what you are planning on doing.

      In my early days I used to film weddings. I had two XL2’s, one with a 20x zoom and one with a 3x wide. They were superb, robust and looked the part. Also since most people wanted a DVD, the SD format was sufficient.

      Nowadays however I mostly shoot Corporate Videos and mainly use DSLR’s such as the Canon 5D mk3. Most people want HD footage, plus modern cameras are so much crisper and work better in low light conditions due to the advanced sensors.

      A DSLR is by no means an easy camera to use as a video camera, but for me the artist capabilities it offers, plus the wide lens choices, make the DSLR a great option for both starters and professionals.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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