Uploading AVCHD from Panasonic AC-90A into Final Cut Express 4?

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      I read an article that recommended your products so I'm hoping you can help me.  I recently bought a Panasonic AC-90A HD video camera which uses AVCHD recording format. In the article it said that I should be able to upload into Final Cut Express 4 and edit. I can upload to the viewing screen, however, I can't seem to bring the clips into the bins which I need to do to edit. Would you be able to help finding the problem and clearing it so that I can edit.
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      After googled Final Cut Express 4, i found this criticism "

      • No native support for AVCHD and transcoding facilities (AIC) limited to files from attached cameras only" (Check Wikipedia.org). You have 2 options:
      • 1. find a suitable video editing software which can edit AVCHD
      • 2. convert AVCHD to another stuitable format like MP4 then edit with Final Cut Express 4
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