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      I just bought a camcorder (Samsung HMX-F90) and I have been trying to upolad videos to Youtube and Facebook but it takes at least 3-5 HOURS. Obviously, this happened a few times before I realized somthing was kinda wrong.


      So, my question is, how can I upload to FB and Youtube in a reasonable amount of time? I use Intelli-studio and Windows Live Movie Maker on my PC

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      It will mostly depend on the upload speed provided by your internet provider.  Most companies boast fast download speeds but the upload speed is usually quite slow in comparison.  Check with your I.S.P., you can probably upgrade to a faster package.  Another factor is the bitrate that you rendered the final video to.  A higher bitrate usually gives a better quality image, but at a cost of a much bigger file size.  The bigger the file…the longer the upload time.


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