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      For my general knowledge, can someone comment on acceptable hours of operation for solid state video cams (tapeless)? I know, much depends on previous owner’s handling, but some guidelines for me would be most helpful. Thanks.

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      Coming from an electronic service background I am aware the majority of fault conditions in video cameras concern tape mechanisms and heads however a solid state camera negates all such moving part, fault conditions. An electronic component or printed circuit board fault condition is normally evident during the products warranty term. Low voltage solid state components found in all of today's domestic and industrial electronics, the failure rate is minimal.


      If any type camera/electronics has been used in the tropics (i.e. high humidity) I would be concerned with potential corrosion to the PCB or connections etc. Similar concerns would exist if it was used unprotected in wet weather. A quick visual inspection of battery terminals for corrision is a good idea.


      Tell tale signs of mishandling should be obvious by body damage. Needless to say it is essential to test any type second hand camera before purchase. So what's left, the lens and a test to confirm all functions work and it's a fair price.   


      In summary I would not be concerned with a solid state camera's hours used.


      A similar question could be, if used correctly how many hours will a USB last ? 


      A unknown concern today is if  the manufacturer has built in an obselence chip as some printer manufactures do, in so far as once they reach a specified number of prints they shut down, never to work again !  So we have to buy another overseas product!

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      Thank you very much for the advice!


      My specific choice has been between a used Sony FS100 and a brand new (still unavailable) Sony EA50.


      " Needless to say it is essential to test any type second hand camera before purchase."


      The FS100 is arguably a better camera, but not local, so there's no way to inspect or try it out, and that may be the very best part of your advice above.


      I will likely go with the EA50.


      Thanks again for the good advice!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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