Upgrading my Nikon D90

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      Hi everyone,

      I’ve been into amateur photography for around 4 years, ever since I was gifted a second hand Nikon D90. I pretty much use it every day and have been studying and learning about taking photos and using different lenses.

      I want to upgrade to a newer camera and have saved up around $1000 to spend on a new camera body. I’ve got plenty of other Nikon lenses so I will need the camera to be compatible with these, but otherwise I am not particularly fussy about brands, and although I do love my current Nikon I’d be happy to try out any other brands.

      Thanks for any help,


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      What is it you want the new camera to do that the D90 can’t do? There’s probably no good reason to abandon the D90 unless it’s no longer adequate for what you shoot.

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      Hi Jack,

      The D90 works great for photos but i’d like the opportunity to try and work more with video, and have found many limitations working with the D90, particularly not being able to refocus the lens whilst shooting. Do you have any recommendations for a camera which works well in both, or is it more advantageous for me to purchase a camcorder and keep the D90 for photos?

      Thanks, Phil.

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      Hi everyone,
      Just in case anyone has seen this and is on the lookout for something similar.
      After Jacks response i decided to switch my search up and looked into buying a camcorder to work alongside my Nikon D90. I ended up purchasing a second hand Panasonic HC VX870EB-K (from http://www.for-sale.co.uk/panasonic-camcorder) which is a mid range camcorder shooting in 4K at 25fps. I can’t wait for it to arrive.
      Thanks for the help,

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