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      Hello, My boss and I have been using our Canon GL2 camcorder to record his educational videos & webinars. However, he recently upgraded to new MacBook Pro and the new  version of iMovie does not recognize the camera. I know nothing about video cameras, so I was curious as to what recommendations would you suggest for a newer, but comparable camera to replace the GL2? Our budget is small, like up to $2,000. Thank you!

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      Hi kenagyassoc – with a $2000 budget, you should update your camera and your editing program.  You can get a free trial of FInal Cut Pro X here.  When you decide to buy it, it will cost you $300.


      With FCP X installed, you will be able to import files from just about any camcorder (perhaps even your old CL2).  But I recommend you seriously consider upgrading to a modern, high resolution camcorder such as the $1698 Ultra High Definition Sony FDR-AX100.


      Here is what this camera can do:









      Hope this is helpful and good luck with your decision!



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