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      Hey guys, I seem to be experiencing a bottleneck while editing with my custom build and wonder what portion of my system is causing it. I have a hunch it might be the video card but just to be safe I figured I would ask some people who are more experienced in this.

      Anyhow, I'm trying to run dual monitors at 1080p with the second monitor being used to preview at best quality on Sony Vegas Pro 11. I don't have a fps counter running but just judging by eye I can tell it's probably 10-15 fps at best when I apply the settings.

      system specs:

      Intel i5 3470 @3.2 ghz (3.6 ghz turbo)
      16 gigs of 1600mhz ram (2 sticks) with a CAS latency of 10
      60 GB kingston v300 SSD for the OS and Vegas
      2 TB Western Digital Caviar black HDD for storage
      Nvidia GTX 660 Superclocked (2 gigs GDDR5)

      If it's the videocard, would it be possible to remedy with just a second 660? I have a power supply that can support the load.

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    "experiencing a bottleneck while editing"


    are you referring to previews while you edit or rendering?


    If you are referring to rendering, that's a function of your main CPU, the i5, and how you use uour drives to prevent bottlenecks. i.e. the editing program, source files and destination on seperate drives.

    if you are talking about previews, that's the video card. You might want to go back to a single monitor for previews instead of dual view. Or strap on another video card for the other monitor (that will be a function of card space and power supply ability in the computer chassis, m/b).

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    It's the preview screen that plays what I have as I edit. I was thinking of putting a second graphics card in my system already but wondered if it was a cpu bottleneck instead of gpu. Thanks for clarifying.

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    AvatarDaniel Bruns

    Hi Benjamin,


    BruceMol is more than likely right. It's often the graphics card that slows down video previews. However, I would add that a HDD can also be the culprit. If your hard drive is taking a while to spin up, or has too much information written to it already (below 10% available space), the hard drive can slow the playback of your footage down. It usually doesn't slow it down to 10-15 fps, but it is feasible. To test this, you should try and move the footage for your project onto the SSD drive you have installed and see if that speeds up the fps. If it doesn't seem to help, it is definitely your video card.


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    While space shouldn't be an issue (it's a 2TB HDD with only 80-100 gigs taken up) i didn't consider that the HDD would play any part in it. I'll definitely try that out with a sample vid just to be safe. Thanks for the info.

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    AvatarDaniel Bruns

    Sounds good Benjamin. It's always good to test everything systematically before buying a major computer component!



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    AvatarDavid Doty

    Benjamin – First thing I think is causing problem would be using such a small drive ( 60 gig ) for your OS and Vegas and I am guessing you also have a few other programs like DVD Architect, email, and browser software on that same boot drive ( at the least ). You did not mention which Windows OS you are running or whether it is 32 or 64 bit ( which would determine how much of your ram can be used – remember a 32 bit Widows OS can only use at best 4 gigs of ram – but I have to think you don't have enough space for a properly sized swap file. The rule of thumb that I have followed for the last 15 years is to have at least 25% of your OS drive empty. I also think that if your mobo can handle an I7 processor – I would make that move now – even if your mobo only supports Gen 1 I7 processors. I have a 1st gen I7 ( 920 processor ) system running Win 7 home 64 bit, 18 gigs of slower ram, 3 7200 rpm hard drives, a GTX 260 (1.75 gig ddr3 ) videocard, and a 27 and 23 inch monitor running off of the GTX 260. I can run Vegas 11 in preview at 29.97 fps with absolutely no problem. To reiterate – 8 core processors have more throughput than quad core – available space for a proper swap file is critical – and 64 bit OS's can address more ram than 32 bit OS's. Also one thing no one has mentioned – even if you are running a 64 bit OS – are you running the 32 or 64 bit version of Vegas 11 – that also could make a big difference. Any questions – shoot me an email to david@focusvideo.com

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    Actually, all I have on that drive is the OS (windows 7 professional 64 bit) and Vegas. everything else is on the 2TB HDD and I have between 12-14 gigs of free space on the SSD. (I can't check right now seeing as how I'm deployed) However, there might be a bit of an issue regarding the fact that my program is on the SSD and the media that I am editing is on the HDD instead of another SSD. would that perhaps also contribute to such a problem? (also, the motherboard definitely can handle an i7, I was actually looking at the 3770K around the time you messaged, haha!)

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