Unusual Artifacts in CCTV Video

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      Never been here before and didn’t really know how else to post this.

      I have a (reasonably cheap) IP camera recording 24/7 into Iris CCTV software. It isn’t being re-encoded at this point. The default option is to leave as base network file (.264), but i’ve also tried saving to the .AVI container, same result.

      The software does have features to transcode but my CPU isn’t really grunty enough to be doing constant on the fly transcoding.

      Can anyone tell me why this tearing/artefacts are occouring, and perhaps maybe the correct name for what I’m actually seeing here.

      It only happens when there’s movement in the video. Have tried different containers and video players (VLC is the worst). Recording at 20FPS i believe.


      Thanks in advance,

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      I’ve seen this occur when there is a difference of field dominance. That is, when your play back is set for Upper Field First (UFF) and the player is expecting Lower Field First (LFF) It’s especially pronounced when there is fast motion in the shot. It’s also possible that it’s progressive — i.e., no field dominance. You should be able to check this out and change it in your editing software.

      20FPS seems like a strange frame rate — 25FPS for PAL and 30 for NTSC being the usual. That could have some bearing on the problem as well.

      Finally, try transcoding a small clip in the CCTV program software to see if that fixes the problem. IF it does, you’re probably about to become the proud owner of a new, more powerful computer.

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