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      Hi there!

      I started up my own business a few months ago. I make animated corporate videos. Since I don`t have a lot of connections I am now trying to come up with a clever stragedy to promote my business online. I am considering making vlogs on Youtube talking about my business, past and future clients, how I work, why people should hire me etc etc. I mean videos where I show myself and talk about my business…The thing is, in the past I had some (very bad) trolls on Youtube (back when I was making videos for fun, before I started a business)and I am a little worried that they will find my business and make a mockery of it and give me a nasty reputation. I need some advice, should I or should I not go through with this idea…? Hmmm?  🙂

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      You need to promote your business.  Manage the content in your comments section or block comments to stiff-arm the trolls, if they show up.


      If they persist, threaten them with legal action.  If they continue, report them to law enforcement.  Your business reputation is is your livelihood, so do what is necessary to protect it.


      All of that said, don't let fear of trolls (or anything) stop you – to succeed, you will need to ignore the naysayers and move forward no matter what they say.


      Good luck with your new business!

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      Thank you so much for the advice, I know I should do it and I will 🙂

      Have a great weekend!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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