“Unsupported format or damaged file” in Premiere Pro CC 2014

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      I have been working on my present project in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 for over a year, now suddenly some of my .mps files are "Red screened/Missing Media", and re-linking them gives me "Unsupported format or damaged file". They open OK in Windows Media Player, and I have replaced the problem clips from the backed-up originals, so the files should be okay, so…has anyone any idea of what is happening? Seems it must be in PP somehow!

      Many thanks


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    That hasn't happened to me. I have gotten a similar message after i renamed a file or folder, or moved it, but not the "unrecognized" error. Perhaps a recent OS update? Do those files work in other projects? Maybe the project file is corrupt. Try one of your older versions in the cache folder and see if they work there. 

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    Hi Bruce,

    The clips play fine in other apps, and even in PP CS6…I have uninstalled PP CC 2014 and re-installed it, but still the same.  I believe it may be a codec problem but can't seem to find which one, or how to correct it.

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    I suppose it's no help knowing that file type is an mpeg1 format. If you can convert in 'media encoder' convert to mpeg. I would also try renaming the extension of one of the smaller files to mpg, see if the players open it and, if they do, see if PPro will. Maybe After Effects will if you have that too. 

    Other people seem having trouble with that file extension have updated Quick Time. 

    Since it used to work, I would suspect a recent OS update, if you've done one, may be interfering.  If you have a set point from when you know it worked you may wish to try that. HOWEVER I tried a set point reset once and it was a headache. 


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    Gave a look at this… it may help you out…




    Good luck!


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    The same thing happened to me right now on Premiere Pro CC 2015. Out of the blue, 3gpp files that were playing fine are now unsupported. I have a full project edited with them. How to make them work again ? Did anyone ever get to fix that problem ?

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    Hello everyone with corrupted files,

    I recently had a corrupt session with Premiere Pro which cost me multiple project files along with my autosaves. After a long 12 hour intense struggle of learning about .prproj-files and XML code, I’ve managed to successfully repair my entire project.

    Feel free to send over your corrupted project to info@lefourguys.com and I’ll have a look.
    Also send me information such as:
    Error message (when opening project)
    Premiere Pro version and OS
    Amount of specific effects used (Warp Stabilizer, Twixtor, Magic Bullet Looks etc.)

    I’ll only charge if I manage to fix the file and I’ll send you the cost before I begin the recovery.
    Estimated time is between 1-2 weekdays.

    William Frid
    Le Four Guys Prod.

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