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      Hello all,


      It has been a long time since I have made any posts.  Just a refresher or more likely a first look at me, as I post every other year πŸ˜‰


      We own dance studios and have been doing our recital video for 40 years.  Not me personally, but Dr. Bates, my father-n-law has passed this to me and I really enjoy my limited understanding, but the experience of giving great effort toward good production in our recital videos etc.  I can beat some of the things that Mr. Video out of Omaha does.  


      I am currently trying to shoot instructional videos for our dance studio.  My first selling product will be a break dancing instructional video.   I have already shot a free one we handed out as Christmas presents to all the boys last year.  The Title vid was the most professional thing about it, besides how we planned out the teaching part of the video.  That was also very well done.


      What was bad….

      Lighting with lovely lighting hum from flourescents.  …and yeah the lighting from the studio was bad also.  Vincent, our amazing break dance teacher sounded obviously cavernous and far away.  For a free product it was appropriately priced for the production value πŸ˜‰ 


      What is next.  I have a small lighting kit from the 70's that we bought from our photographer that was a videographer in Utah way back then.  He is my local expert that offers help as a prearranged agreement for all our biz.  His expertise is a little dated, as he doesn't do NLE.  It's a good mix with my current understanding & capabilites, yet lack of training & principled understanding of video production, lighting, etc.


      Anywho, a long story, less long.  I need better audio!  Looking to shoot these vids with a better production from audio standpoint…. read many times about how an audience will accept something video wise but are less forgiving with bad audio.  


      What can i get audio set-up wise that will make these instructional videos much better and also be able to use to increase my production value from the recital?  I have hit up B&H and got their feedback and don't want to let too much out as I want unadulterated answers first and then will reply.  Seeing if I am missing something.   Please treat me like I don't know anything because it's not far from the truth.  I am very limited in my understanding.  I have been doing some research to try to understand more.    


      If it matters.  I have two of the first round of lense interchangeable camcorders from Sony…VX so and so.


      Also, Mr. Vincent as we call him has to move and move well.  So a lapel mic might make too much noise.  B&H suggested a head mic.  I am assuming like a aerobics instructor might wear.

      Please help with this discussion.

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