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      Most of the video work I do is on a volunteer basis for my church and community groups. I usually deliver my finished video in .wmv or h.262 files. I recently shot some video (an interview) on my Canon DSLR for a production house in a different part of the state. When I asked them what format they would like it in, they replied "uncompressed video". This is the second time an editor has asked for uncompressed video.


      I edit in PP CS6. When I try to use the "AVI – (Uncompressed)" profile, CS6 eventually aborts the render after it's filled up about 500 GB of space on my external drive!


      When a client asks for uncompressed video, what setting should I be using, or should I just be sending the .mov files directly off my camera?

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      I suspect that it's a case of them not knowing what to ask for. Give them the original footage and they should be fine.



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