unable to play .mov file Filmic Pro

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      I have various video files that are not able to be open. They are not corrupt. I feel it is a codec thing. After some research it was found that Adobe can open them but they will not transcode. Perhaps it is a permission thing. They were shot using FiLMiC Pro on iPhone 8.

      Can anyone help me regarding this?

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      It probably is a codec problem. MOV is a container so you need to find out what the codec is. Download the free utility called MediaInfo, run the MOV file through it and you'll be able to discover the codec being used. From there you can probably get the correct codec. Another option would be to use one of the many file converter software programs and change the MOV to some other file format that's more user friendly.

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      I too sometimes face the same problem

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      A couple of additional thoughts. Try the free trial of Movavi Video Converter. It does a good job, quick, reliable and inexpensive should you decide to purchase it. Also, if your files will play in VLC you may be able to save them in a different format when exiting the viewer. Finally, try running the files through Handbrake (download free) and see if that will provide a format you can use.

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      You can also try Brorsoft video converter to change the format.

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      When I had some downloaded .mov files and when I tried to view them it told me I needed an extension, but not which one. I Googled and found this tool – https://www.filetypeadvisor.com/extension/mov . Worked fine for me:)

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